HELLUUU, I know I’ve said this  million times but as the 17th rapidly approaches , I just wanted you pedophiles to know that I’LL MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY , I’m positive that after the 17th all of us would go our seperate ways but I hope that no matter what our friendship stays strong . Yes I sound desperate for saying this & I’m aware that we’ve only been friends for 4years , but it was 4 fruitful & well spent years . Things won’t be the same without you guys around , you , my dearest pedos , have always been my pillar of strength and support , through thick and thin together . You pedos and the other amazing friends I’ve met through my secondary school journey can never be forgotten. I can’t believe that soon we won’t be spending so much time together anymore . I hope we could be BFFS FIVEEVAAA-RR :> I love you pedophiles ( ̄▽ ̄;) #buddies #Sisters #love #ohanameansfamily
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